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The criminalization of people who use drugs has restricted access to health services, and encouraged aggressive law enforcement practices that promotes practices which accelerate the spread of HIV. This is compounded by punitive laws that undermine health and welfare of people who use and inject drugs, making it difficult to access health services. Our work is aimed at improving access to health, human rights and social justice for all.

Our work is premised on the following internationally recognized principles:

  • Pragmatism: We accept that the use of mind-altering substances is an immemorial This acknowledges that drug use, while carrying risks, has existed throughout human history and provides the user with coping benefits that should not be entirely discounted. This directs us to look for more pragmatic approaches, recognizing that the ambition to have a drug free society may be ideal, but ultimately unrealistic if we strive to be a free society.

  • Humanistic Values: Drug use does not diminish a person’s value. The drug user’s decision to use drugs is a reality we must accept, no matter how much we may disapprove of drug use. We avoid passing moral judgements that condemn or support the use of drugs, regardless of the level of substance use or the route of administration. The dignity and rights of the drug user should always respected.

  • Focus on Harms: Our organization’s first priority is to decrease the negative consequences of drug use, on both the users and non-users, as opposed to just focusing on decreasing drug use itself. Harm reduction neither excludes nor presumes the long-term treatment goal of abstinence. In some cases, reduction in the level of use may be the most effective form of harm reduction, while alteration to the mode of use may be more effective in other

  • Balancing Costs and Benefits: How much have the punitive measures and abstinencefocused interventions accomplished compared to harm reduction focused interventions? This framework of analysis extends beyond the immediate interests of users in order to include broader community and societal

  • Prioritization of Immediate Goals: Most harm reduction programs have a hierarchy of goals, with the immediate focus on proactively engaging individuals, target groups, and communities to address their most pressing needs. Achieving the most immediate and realistic goals is usually viewed as first steps toward risk-free use, or, if appropriate, abstinence.

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Voices of Community Action and Leadership (VOCAL-Kenya) is governed by diverse team of 7 member advisory board who are elected for a three-year term. The Board is responsible for corporate governance, developing strategy and major policy, reviewing management performance, approving financials and systems of internal control.

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